Ashwagandha Root

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This amazing herb is also known as Indian Ginseng and Winter Cherry.

Ashwagandha Root is an adaptogenic herb

Often used in ayurvedic medicine, it's known in India as the "strength of the stallion" as it's commonly used to strengthen the immune system, especially after illness.

The active ingredient, withanolides, is known to perform as a general tonic and to help the body cope with daily stress. It's also used to increase energy levels and improve focus and concentration.

Ashwagandha root is most commonly used to help with the following:

  • Fight the affects of stress on the body and help to balance and regulate the body's hormone levels
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Assist with anxiety and depression
  • Improve thyriod function
  • Assist adrenal fatigue
  • Improved concentration and brain function
  • Blood sugar stabilization
  • Lowering of cholesterol
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Anti-cancer properties



  • It is your duty of care to seek professional medical advice before relying only on the benefits of herbs/teas for health purposes. Pregnant women should seek the advice of a medical professional