Cast Iron Teapot - Purple Flying Crane 400ml


Gorgeous Cast Iron Teapot with Flying Crane design - Purple - 400ml capacity
Enamel lined, with stainless steel mesh infuser & trivet.

(Throughout Asia, the crane is symbolic of eternal youth and happiness.)

In Japanese culture the crane is seen as a mythical or holy creature and is symbolic of good fortune and longevity)

Cast iron teapots were created in ancient China. The Japanese then adopted and developed them as decorative items.
They symbolise the everlasting strength and unity of the world.

Through special chemical treatments, impurities are removed from the cast iron during the production process.

A Coating of enamel is then applied to help prevent the development of rust.

Before using, boil a pot of water and rinse the pot to both clean and warm the cast iron.

After each use, make sure that the entire pot is clean and dry.

We recommend that tea not be left in the pot overnight.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Enjoy your cast iron teapot as a decorative showpiece that evokes the elegance of the Orient!