Organic China Genmaicha




Literally translated, this tea is also known as Brown Rice Tea.

Many years ago genmaicha was a popular staple for Japan's poorest. They would add brown rice to green tea for two reasons. Firstly this allowed the green tea to go further and they would also benefit from the filling goodness of the grains. It's since become a very popular tea and is regularly consumed around the world.

It's a delightful and rich green tea. Organic China bancha tea leaves are blended with toasted, hulled rice kernels and popped corn for a unique toasty flavour and aroma. The rice and corn add an earthy flavour to the grassy, vegetal notes of the green tea.

It's worth noting that whilst you can brew this tea for longer the recommended time if you wish, any longer than two minutes can cause the rice/corn to become somewhat grainy and this may spoil the texture.

Ingredients: Organic China bancha green tea, popped corn, toasted hulled rice kernels

1 teaspoon per 200ml.
Brew for 1 to 2 mins in water 80 degrees Celsius.

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